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Retail System

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We can distribute your business in the market space.
Adpocket provides a way to reach people to your business.

Adpocket is a simple mobile application. It uses modern technologies to distribute your business to the world. It will provide evidence of your business improvements. Adpocket will be a very helpful marketing tool to your business with these facts.

Facebook, Google, and Youtube based marketing platform.
provide efficient service by identifying the moderen business trends.
identify the people who need your business.




Nowadays bidding is another trending concept.
But BidBuddy makes justice to its users.

BidBuddy is an entertainment mobile application. Simply it already designed for bidding purposes. But the bidding system takes a different approach.

any user involves with BidBuddy can earn benefits.
BidBuddy maintains two parties, so they also can acquire successful results.
BidBuddy is a growing up network.


Sentura Retail System

Sentura retail system designed to works on any type of retail process.
This retail system is an admin panel.

In the retail market, it consists of wholesale shops, hardware, food cities, wearing shops, etc. Sentura retail system web-based admin panel which provides functions to end processes.

works with high-performance functions which make speedup the customer needs.
customizable inbuilt card payments and points handling processes.
up to date security with backups and report generating services.



What we do?

In today’s market customers expect long-term, convenient, agile, flexible and time-saving products and efficient customer service. With agile and scrub-based software development and customer service targeting both customer requirements and satisfaction, we are capable of delivering you with products capable of both matching and flexible to evolving market requirements.

webapp webapp


recognize the business needs and discuss the customer requirements

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discuss with the team and identify the technical and logical issues

webapp webapp


design the business needs and logics how to interact with databases, technologies and user interfaces

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team effort and complete the time estimations

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testings and delivering to customers

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our main focus, after services

About Platforms


Web Applications

In order to ensure the success and the perseverance of a business in the modern market, your business should be flexible and should have the modern tools that customers demand from their service providers.

With additions to that, having access to a pool of data and information related sales, customer-base and net income, etc. will enable you to device more sophisticated business strategies and will contribute to critical decisions of your business.

To that end, Web applications are committed to delivering you with a pool of data and information coupled with analytical reports fulfilling current market demands.

Armed with the latest technologies and exquisite user interfaces these web-based solutions will include technologies related to static, dynamic and artificial intelligence (AI) aspects as per your requirements. With efficiency, flexibility, exquisite user experience and high-end security, our web applications are committed to providing the utmost value to your capital.


Mobile Applications

The current market depicts that in order for the success of your business, reaching a wide range of clients with a wide range of tools has a significant impact.

With our both android and iOS mobile applications expand the scope of your business one step further.

Access your business data or create a bridge to your customer base creating more opportunities for customers to access your services to maximize your reach by synchronizing with the core modules of your business via our mobile applications.

Our expert team of mobile developers will ensure the quality, flexibility and efficiency of your mobile application.


Desktop Applications

To succeed in the current competitive market, the stability, efficiency, and consistency inside your business is crucial.

We provide a wide range of custom-made products that are committed to matching your every requirement.

In accordance with your demands we are committed to provide both stand-alone applications and desktop applications capable of operating within a private network limited to your workplace.

With enhanced performance and flexibility these applications are capable of elevating the efficiency of your business processes.

Our Services

Retail Sales

we will be an assist to your workplace

Flexibility, control and dynamic strategies and precise decisions ensure the success of your business. Our system is capable of delivering you with reports which aid you with analytics to reach your goal. With high-end technology and both web and mobile applications synchronizing real-time, access to your business data worldwide. Analyze and strategize according to the market trends to keep up with the modern market trends, with all the information of your business at your fingertips with our system.


Hotel Management System

anywhere bookings manage in one place

Versatility and ability to keep up with the requirements of the changing market is crucial for the sustainability and success of your business. Our efficiency guaranteed and flexible system facilitates you with hotel management and online reservation real-time via “Agoda”, “” and “Airbnb” integrations. Which is a cost-effective, time-saving and long-term solution tailor-made for you.

User Experience

UI/UX Designing and Development

We aspire to provide you with tailor-made solutions with exquisite user experience minimizing the wastage of time or capital. With innovation and insight these user experience-based implementations are committed to delivering you both value and competitive advantage over tools in the current market to ensure customer satisfaction with every aspect.


Technologies We Use

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